Tii'ji Islanders



Trait: Once per game session, you may take ten as a move action in combat

Members of the Tii’ji Island nation have been isolated from the world for a very long time, not by geography but by choice. Weymount made several trade overtures at the height of its power, but all were rebuffed. As the Weymount ramped up the pressure, the Tii’ji fought back, and Tii’ji remains one of the few examples of a resistance to Weymount control before the Great Devastation.

Emphasizing patience, stillness, and a spiritual connection to the elements of life and living, the Tii’ji are blessed by spices, tea and coffee plantations, art and culture, and very shrewd technology. For a small population to farm all of these goods would be next to impossible, but irrigation, planting, harvesting, all are performed with the use of man-powered or water-powered machinery. The Verantian Union is known to be in talks to bring experts to Verantia to learn how to grow crops more efficiently.

The Tii’ji, predominantly Humans, Elves and Halflings, are ruled by feudal lords, who are responsible to The Emissary. It isn’t correct to say they are responsible to him, rather to say that no member of the Tii’ji Island community would oppose the Emissay’s will, out of deep respect and tradition. Their economy is gold-based.

(Gnome Samurai image by Son-of-Synapse at http://son-of-synapse.deviantart.com/)

Tii'ji Islanders

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