The Perkele


Trait +2 to CMB when Grappling and Sundering

During the Great Devastation, not all clans fell under Koshana’s leadership. Some three hundred thanes, their wives and their possessions all sailed across the sea and settled in a cold land every bit as inhospitable and dangerous as their former home before she rose to prominence. The Perkele (pronounced Perr-kull, roll the R) could make only meager crops grow, and turned to raiding to survive. Their target was their neighbors, the Icelandic.

These days, the Perkele can grow enough to sustain themselves, but raiding remains at the center of Perkele life. Every spring and summer the ships set out for distant targets, hauling back treasures, food, and women (unlike the Koshinari, the Perkele are still strictly patriarchal). Among themselves they barter, or use captured coin albeit with little respect for exchange rates.

The Perkele

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