In the cold north, an unknown number of mighty warriors makes their living among the Tethyan mountains. Almost universally followers of Koshanarism, Koshani are a people unified in value and purpose. Outsiders are treated with hostility, but a show of force, particularly one of use to a tribe or clan, can often go a long way toward making one welcome among them.

Koshinar is a collection of tribes bound together by a representative council called the Allthing, in which leaders from each clan has a say. However, Koshinar is also ruled by a Koshann, public face of the tribes and commander of their armies. No Koshann can serve who cannot fight to gain, and keep, his place. In modern days, many Koshann are themselves not the strongest fighters, but have attracted the loyalty of such doughty warriors. The power relationship between Koshann and Allthing changes with each change in the body. Formal laws do exist, but resemble our Hammurabi’s code; interpretation of the law and punishment is left to each clan chief.

As previously stated, the Koshinari are wary of foreigners, but many from other nations do join their ranks, normally religious converts who have been led to the clans by traveling priests or druids. These must also display their strengths but strong bonds often form thereafter. An exception to this is Arcane magicians of any sort. The Koshinari accept priests, even those of other faiths, and they revere the Druids, but it is a rare Koshinari who will suffer an Arcane Magus to live.

The Koshinari do not have a border, per se. They protect what they see as their territory jealously, but this territory is often informal, based on the positions of rocks, rivers, and other traditional boundaries, boundaries that may change. This expansion has made even far-away governments like the Verantian Union anxious, to the point where most people in the know expect a war between the two powers will one day develop.

Koshinari do not accept paper money, and operate either by bartering or use of gold and silver coin, stamped with the image of a Koshann. The most valuable currency is stamped with the image of Mighty Koshana herself. There tend to be more humans and half-orcs in Koshinar, but full blooded orcs, dwarves, elves, even short races like the gnomes and halflings can make a place for themselves there, if they have the strength to do so.

Note: Information on clan structure is wholly unknown outside of Koshinar, consider this OOC information if you are not playing a Koshinari. There are many other tribes, as well, but these may be considered the strongest.


Trait: +1 damage with axes

The clan once lead by Mighty Koshana herself, the Brundiivi have done well for themselves since the Great Devastation. There was a period after the war when every Koshann was of Brundiivi stock, to the point where it was assumed this would be tradition. Although that didn’t last, Brundiivi thanes have a reputation for being handy with an axe, and quick to see through deception.


Trait: +1 to Trip and Disarm CMB

Proving that not all strength means muscles, Eudoses, who largely live in the forests south of the Tethyans, are experts at a very fluid sort of combat. Combining this with the plentiful resources of their region, the Eudoses have managed to thrive where others have not. Eudoses has more elvish members than any other Koshinari tribe.


Trait: +3 damage on any sneak attack, +1 to Climb Checks

The Reudignii fought Daxler, an Ingvaeones Koshann for rule of the Koshinar some 100 years ago, and lost. The war they had brought was bloody and swift, and few members of the Allthing spoke in their favor. The decision was taken to wipe them out, and Daxler and his forces nearly did so. Those who were left fled deep into the mountains, passes known only now to the survivors of Reudignii. Despite this, the Reudignii have since reclaimed a seat at the Allthing, although their deverely depleted numbers make them a weaker voice there. It is widely believed that they will attempt to join with another clan.


Trait: +2 to any inspire allies OR +1 damage with two-handed swords

When it was time for the Brundiivi to relinquish the Koshanate, it was an Ingvaeones who took command. Among the tribes, it is the numerous Ingvaeones who best recognize that strength comes from working together. Natural consensus builders, they are nonetheless deadly warriors in their own right.


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