Indirium Empire


Trait: +1 spell slot up to level 3

For a power that once brought the world to its knees, the Indirium Empire has fallen a long way. Maintaining only a single city (in the upper center of the above map) and some nearby farmland, Indirium maintains itself largely by trading magical services to a world that has deliberately blinded itself to the Arcane.

Indirium comes from an old Weymount word meaning “Endure” and that is exactly what the Indiria think of themselves, as those that have weathered a storm. As they are small in size, they have adopted the currency of their largest trading partner, the Verantian Union. They are mostly Elves and Humans, although representatives of almost any race with the necessary talent have come to join the Empire.

Indirium City itself is an architectural marvel, magic and engineering have combined to create towering spires, floating terraces, and, notably for such a northerly city, a temperate climate. They also produce fine ciders and wines, among stronger drinks, as the practice of producing spirits is not unlike magic itself.

Indirium Empire

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