Trait: +2 CMB to avoid being Sundered or Grappled

A small group of settlers set out for a frosty land long before Weymount was even founded. In wooden canoes, they discovered the land their explorers had found, which they had named Iceland. To their surprise, the island was green and verdant, and so they cheerfully established a home there.

Living in doughty stone buildings, these settlers, largely dwarves, were untroubled for hundreds of years before the coming of the Perkele. Taken wholly by surprise, many citizens died, or were starved to death due to stolen food.

The next winter was different.

Although the Perkele still made off with much food, defenders among the Icelanders took up sword and shield and stood together against the threat, protecting the defenseless from abduction, and their way of life. In its own way, the cycle of raiding also informs the hard-minded Icelandic life; they know, after all, that every spring when the ice floes break, the Perkele will be back…


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