Trait: +1 damage with light weapons OR +2 navigation at sea

The Campero, literally “shrimpers” in their language, have only recently joined the international community. Isolated for hundreds of years, this nation was composed of Humans and Gnomes only, with no evidence of other races. It is unknown why this is. Now, there have been new members of other species who have transferred citizenship for reasons of marriage or money, but the influx is slow which suits the Campero just fine.

The Campero maintain their own currency, and use nickel and copper coins rather than paper money. This is in part because Campero Island is quite poor in mineral resources; there is little steel to be found, armor is almost exclusively leather, even for the Dogal Guard. However, they are rich in seafood, farmland, wines, and especially spices, which is the main driver of trade.


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