Union of Verantia


The Verantian Union is a collection of Duchies and other, smaller holdings ruled over by a representative parliament. Founded by merchants, mercenaries and refugees fleeing the Great Devastation, the coalition was formalized into a government shortly after the war.

The Verantian system is very hierarchical. Dukes rank above Marquis who rank about Counts (Or Earls) who rank above Barons. Each level owes annual tribute to the level above it, and naturally the Dukes owe tribute to the Verantian government itself. This tribute may take the form of gold, trade goods or soldiers, and a gift given unto the people, such as a park, gallery, museum or other public work, is not uncommon.

Verantia has a paper money system based on the dollar, backed by gold reserves kept at a secret location. The average salary of a soldier is $700 per annum, and lunch for one costs generally ten pence.

Verantia is also very diverse, and people of many races, even some monstrous races living peacefully, can be found within its borders. Dwarves do tend to stay to the mountains, and elves to the forests, and just because of their height, gnomes and halflings tend to form communities in cities, but racial prejudice is rare, and rarely tolerated. Religious persecution is also not tolerated, but Vandatiansts encounter hostility as they travel. No Prime Minister has held office that was not a Follower of the Six, and it is so common a faith to be all but a state religion.

Presented below are the major Duchies of Verantia. Players should feel free to construct individual holdings for their backstory, or to come from no noble line at all (I would prefer this).



Trait: May treat one-handed swords as proficient

A collection of hilly forests, boggy low-lying swampland, and the River Thein mark the easiest access to Verantia by land. Endwood has long held this border, and dedicates most of its energies into training and maintaining the fighting force that will hold off any attacker, including the feared Green Rangers. Endwood was one of the earliest signatories to the Declaration of Unity, but rarely takes part in the politics of the realm.



Trait: +2 to Craft (Carpentry) and Craft (Blacksmithing) checks

Puntelesta is sometimes considered the backwater of Verantia, and most of the jokes told about a foolish person depict them as a citizen of this duchy. The reputation is undeserved, as Puntalesta supplies some of the finest weapons, armor, and fortifications in the nation. The engineering college in Pont de Oestre is widely considered the finest in the world.




Trait: +2 to Diplomacy and Appraise checks

Long before the Weymount Empire was even founded, Rover’s Pell was a key port to bring goods mined from the East Nevias Mountains, or trapped in the forests there, across to other peoples. The port, named Rover’s Pell, has a raucous reputation, but underlying that is the shrewd traders that buy and sell hundreds of dollars worth of goods every year. South of Rover’s Pell, the smaller port city of Dolch Ravine, pictured to the right, is a sleepy hamlet which sees a smaller volume of trade, and serves as a vacation destination for many.



Trait: +2 to CMB when grappling and chasing

Caerdon is one of the few Duchies to have gone to war in living memory. The problem is that it went to war against its neighbor to the south, Southfort. Their capitols, Ashwood Hall and Southfort City, have long sat across the delta of the River Fordham. However, Caerdon is the smallest of all provinces, and although rich in pasturage for sheep and cattle, has little to offer in the way of natural resources., which led to the assault. After the fighting, their territory was contracted even further, although not nearly to the extent that the Southfort leadership demanded.



Trait: +2 damage to a foe an ally has hit already this round, +2 to Will saves to prevent fleeing

Immediately south of the Capitol, Southfort maintains the training grounds for the bulk of military forces. Swampland around the River Fordham, desert to the west, all serve to harden the men and women of the Verantian Armed Forces into a disciplined, mission-oriented force. Southfort also boasts the finest vineyards in the nation.

Kirian Plains


Trait: +2 to Jump and Swim checks

The Kirian Plains are the breadbasket of the Verantian people, supplying as much as 40% of the nation’s food. Kirians are hardworking people, used to the rigors of bringing crops out of the ground and on to the table. Politically conservative, some of the most noted figures in Verantian history had their start as farmboys in a far off town, including the current Prime Minister, Jake Wuthers III.

Anselm’s Shire


Trait: +2 to Perception and Profession (Lumberjack) checks

Despite what you may be thinking, the Shire does not have an abnormally high number of halflings or gnomes. What it does have is some of the densest forests in the world, old growth trees sturdy and strong, and falling to the axe. Lumber camps are almost more common than buildings in this rapidly growing Duchy, although the Duchess Kalinda is careful to preserve Ducal lands and their ancient redwood trees.



Trait: +4 to Navigation checks made in caves or other underground structures

Annebuch is a duchy that exists primarily underground, as a home for dwarves and all others preferring to make a life deep in Avara’s crust. A mine since ancient days, new veins are constantly discovered, gold, silver, iron and copper, and fine marbles and limestone are quarried on the surface. This doesn’t mean the entire Duchy is given over to metal and stone, the grassy plains to the southeast are home to carefully maintained herds of cattle and pigs.



Trait: +1 damage against any non-Verantian

So named because of the meteorite discovered at the bottom of Lake Puchet, Aestrus has long been home to the capitol city, the center of the Armed Forces, not to mention cultural events. A city of, by, and for politicians, the Parliament meets here in Whitefall Manor, and the Prime Minister, who traditionally lives a block south, performs his official duties here as well.

Union of Verantia

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