Sorcerors, Wizards and other Magic Users

In most of the world, Arcane Magic users of all stripes face hostility or outright violence. The Koshinari tolerate only a select few, and only those they have immediate use for. The Verantians are a little more open, but mages are wise not to use their powers openly, or wear robes obviously magical in nature. Riots have been started by a mage using even purely beneficial spells, and there is little justice for the slain.

The Magical Orders below can only be trained at Weymount University in Indirium. They are the remnants of the Winslend and Mounstel forces that nearly tore the world asunder hundreds of years ago. Although each hated one another bitterly then, in order to survive, they have worked together without incident for over 200 years.


NOTE: Sorcerers can only be Winslend
Trait: May gain the benefit of the Quicken Spell feat without sacrificing a spell slot

Called “The Passionate” or, more critically, “Emos” by their opponents, the Winslend of old held that magic was powered by emotion. Mercurial and tempermental, they nonetheless produced incredibly powerful magicks in a fraction of the time of their Mounstel counterparts. Today’s Winslend still maintain that emotion is the key to unlocking magical talents; students are often taught for example that one must feel the joy of flight in order to fly (as most Winslend do).


NOTE: Wizards can only be Mounstel
Trait: May gain the benefit of the Heighten Spell OR Widen Spell feats without sacrificing a spell slot

Called “The Planners” or “dicks” by the Winslend, the Mounstel take a different approach to magic, seeing it as the application of logical, mental powers upon the forces of magic. Unlike their opponents, Mounstel spells tend toward longer rituals that vary wildly in effect and can bring devastating power to the field. Pound for pound a Mounstel can do more damage than a Winslend… if she can cast her spell on time…

Sorcerors, Wizards and other Magic Users

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