Rejyen the Mighty

vol__jin___darkspear_leader_by_kord12-d5kk721.jpg Rej’Yen the Mighty
Trollish Male

It is believed Rej’yen has been the leader of this clan for most of his life; his father died during a troll uprising decades ago. His priorities have seemed to include basic needs for his people: food, water and security. However, trolls in general are prideful and distrustful of outsiders. Although he possesses the shield of Argess, he has never been seen to use it in combat, relying instead on an old halberd.

When brought into his presence, Rej’yen admitted to the party that spiders have taken some of their children, and are a threat to the clan in whole. He agreed to work to secure the Duchy of Annebuch for Duke McNamara if the spiders were first dealt with.

So he rode out with his warriors and when the day’s fighting was done, he witnessed with great joy the death of the brood mother. He feasted and sang the praises of the heroes, and also wrestled Ingvar with great cunning and strength. He wished them well on their journey, and set about sending delegates to the Duke.

Rejyen the Mighty

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