There are a great many groups and organizations a Ranger might belong to, and players should feel free to create their own as part of their backstories. Presented below are some potential options drawn from Avara’s history.

The Green Rangers

Trait: +2 to Hide Checks and +1 Damage with Longbows

The Duchy of Endwood sits along the Teryate river, Verantia’s northernmost border, and the most likely avenue for any attack. While the Duke boasts the largest military presence of any Verantian Duchy, Dukes of his line know well that advance warning may prevent the need for fighting entirely. Therefore they created The Green Rangers, a unit of archers trained to within an inch of their life in the use of the longbow from perches high in trees.

There have been no major incursions onto Verantian soil for many generations, but most Green Rangers experience combat protecting the land from poachers, or intercepting smugglers. A common Green Ranger tactic to use on these smaller groups of criminals is to shoot a warning shot to startle any horses, and drop from above, displaying the sizeable cadre that had been hiding right overhead…

Koshinari Orders

Mighty Koshana was marked by her connection to animal spirits, both figuratively and literally. Three orders sprang from this. One, the Bears, is available to Fighters and Barbarians. The following are available to Rangers.


Trait: +5 feet per round

Tattooed with streaks along calves (and thighs for particularly gifted members), Hares evoke the power of their spirit animal to move rapidly in almost any terrain, and can be behind enemy lines before they even know there is someone there.


Trait: +2 to Spot and Search checks
Restriction: Female Only

Falcons are drawn only from females of Koshinari descent who display proficiency with the bow and with a melee weapon, almost invariably an axe. Their keen eye and strong draw enables them to take down any prey, sapient or not.


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