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This is the wiki page for Might and Magic – The Verantian Chronicle. This wiki will serve to introduce you to the world so you have lots of ideas to bounce your character’s backstory off of.

Vertantia refers to both the main continent of the planet Avara, and also the largest political organization there, more formally named The Verantian Union. Any place you see Verantia or Verantians used, assume this refers to the political body, much like America is actually two continents but if we say Americans, we really just mean residents of the USA.

Avara itself is very earthlike – gravity still pulls objects at 9.8 m/s^2, the oceans are composed of salt water, there is roughly the same soil composition, and you can expect to find the same animal and plant life we have here, albeit with the addition of Elves, monsters, etc.

The tides are somewhat different; for most of its history, Avara had two moons in nearly parallel orbits, which caused some very strong tides indeed. Within recorded history, one of those moons broke apart, forming the gorgeous purple-blue rings visible to most of Avara’s residents (Verantians included). This did cause some species, particularly shellfish and sea grasses to die out, as they depended on the strong tidal cycle. That shouldn’t play a part in the story (no really, I’m not being GM sneaky here, it’s just a fact of biology).

This Wiki

In its present form, the Wiki exists only to give you all some idea of the world you are in. I have defined each of the organizations, religions, and some basic geography, in articles you will find linked below; information that “everybody knows”. Most articles have (or will have) a GM-only section to them, which I will reveal as appropriate. For example, the article on each Duchy within Verantia is a little sparse, but for anyone who chooses that their backstory involves, say, being a member of the Ducal family will naturally get more complete story.

This leads to one note on character generation that is exactly the opposite of the suggestion I made at the start of my last campaign: knowledge skills are pretty valuable here. You won’t be whisked to some separate world this time, so please feel free to take knowledge skills; you never know when the information might come in handy…

There are only two requirements I am placing on you. One, player characters must be willing to work with Verantia. It doesn’t matter for what reason, be it patriotism or money or glory, but there must be a willingness to take on missions for them, else things fall apart pretty quickly. Two, any main class from any Paizo-published book is ok by me EXCEPT the Oracle. I can’t deal with having someone who can see the future as a player character, I am sorry. The remaining classes are:

Core Rulebook
Sorceror – Must be from the Indirium Empire (Or have compelling backstory)
Wizard – Must be from the Indirium Empire (Or have compelling backstory)

Advanced Player’s Guide

Alchemist – Must be from the Indirium Empire (Or have compelling backstory)
Summoner – Must be from the Indirium Empire (Or have compelling backstory)

Ultimate Magic

Magus – Must be from the Indirium Empire (Or have compelling backstory)

Ultimate Combat

Gunslinger – Must be from The Verantian Union (or have compelling backstory)
Ninja – Must be from the Tii’ji Islands (or have compelling backstory)
Samurai – Must be from the Tii’ji Islands (or have compelling backstory)

Please bring any prestige classes to me before going for them. In general I am going to accept any Paizo-created classes, and most Wizards of the Coast classes as well, but I’d hate to see you put points toward getting to a particular prestige class and find I have to veto it.

It’s important to note too that almost every article on the history and lore of Avara includes a Trait. Every character may have one trait, but only one trait. There is a feat that allows you to take two, if you want to use this you must do as as one of your starting feats. I STRONGLY recommend you do not do so. These trait bonuses are designed to give only a very slight boost, and you are not restricted from having characteristics of both articles. For instance, say you decided you were a Verantian and a Follower of the Six (a religion). You could only take the bonus from one of these two backgrounds, but that does not preclude you from keeping to the concept of being a Verantian Follower of the Six.

In time, the wiki will include all of your characters, as well as notable NPCs, Cities and their maps, and a more complete world picture. I will be adding information up until we start in April. If information is on this wiki, it can be assumed to be semi-final, any changes I make (beyond spelling and grammatical corrections) I will bring to the group first.

History in Brief

Different religions hold different concepts of the origin of the world. The Faith of the Six holds that before her fall, Malliste made love to Parlivan, and together they gave birth to the world. The Doxologists hold that, like people, the world itself undergoes reincarnation, and that this world is not the first of His creations. Regardless of this, intellgient life on Avara originated in the arid grasslands north of the West Nevias Mountain Range. People of all races formed and created tribes and short-lived empires. Early on, materia were discovered. Materia are small gemstones, about the size of a large marble and similarly, perfecly spherical. These precious stones, discovered in fields, in caves, in the homes of primitive ancestors, allowed people to focus and control magic.

Although no central political organization emerged for hundreds of years, a school of magic was founded along the Avenine river. Over time, the school became a government and that government became an empire, an oppressive empire. People without magical talent were enslaved. However that empire split against itself into two forces, the Winslend and the Mountel. A long and bloody war was fought, known now as the Great Devastation. During this war, the nations of Koshinar and Verantia were first founded, Koshinar under the command of a great tribal leader, Koshana, and Verantia as a union of peoples and mercenaries who had fled the Devastation. In the end, most of the forces of both Winslend and Mounstel were wiped out at the battle of Koshana’s Valley. Koshinari and Verantian accounts of how that occurred differ.

Since then, these two powers have been joined by the remnants of Weymount, the Indirium Empire. There are also a great many unaffiliated holdings, tribes, nations and states. The Koshinari live in the frozen north and are very insular; their numbers are unknown but any attempt to enter their territory is turned aside, with more or less force. Verantia meanwhile is a more open trader, and maintains relations with many nations. They are technologically very advanced, and have primitive (smooth bore) firearms, steam locomotives and steam ships, among other technologies. However, due to the scars of the Great Devastation, no magic is taught in Verantia or in Koshinar, although both use trained magic users to their own ends.

Political Organizations

Union of Verantia
Indirium Empire
Tii’ji Islanders
Tarijji Confederacy
The Perkele


Faith of the Six

Important Class Notes

Fighters, Barbarians and Rogues
Priests, Clerics and Paladins
Sorcerors, Wizards and other Magic Users

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