Fighters, Barbarians and Rogues

Fighters, Barbarians and Rogues may choose to be members of many groups, and should not feel constrained to be a member of any of these or any group at all. These are simply options to consider.

Verantian Military

Verantia boasts one of the finest professional militaries in the history of the world. Due to historical precedent, magic is all but non-existent in the regular forces. Instead soldiers are drilled and trained at use of arms and other duties. Below are some of the Verantian Armed Services and Special Units.

Verantian Army

Trait: +1 damage with martial melee weapons OR With Blunderbusses

The Verantian Army, headquartered in Whitefall, has not seen a major war in many generations. This does not dull their edge, for they are forever training, running war games, and researching new methods and weapons. Mostly melee fighters, at the order of the Prime Minister some units have been outfitted with the new firearms. These units are still experimental, and the techniques for forming guns aren’t yet so standardized that the weapons are not as dangerous to their users, but scholars and engineers are working all the time to improve this.

Verantian Navy

Trait: +2 to Spot and Swim checks

Verantia is not the only major power to trade with nations across the seas. While no formal war was ever declared, skirmishes between Verantian, Koshinari, and Indirium forces occur on the high seas with regularity, vying for and securing lucrative trade routes. The Verantian Navy operates 12 Ships of the Line, as well as many smaller sloops and tenders.

Special Tasks Group

Trait:+2 to Hide and Bluff checks

Commandos and Spies, the Special Tasks Group, or STG, takes on jobs to small and delicate for the Army, but more violent and covert than Diplomacy. The STG contains more magic users per capita than any other branch of service, as well as reformed criminals skilled at deception and infiltration.

Koshinari Order – The Bears

Trait: +1 Damage Resistance at level 3, +2 at level 15
Cost: Character is scarred, -2 to any attempt at persuasion involving a member of the opposite sex

Mighty Koshana was marked by her connection to animal spirits, both figuratively and literally. Three orders sprang from this. One, the Bears, is available to Fighters and Barbarians (NOT Rogues). The other two, The Falcons and the Hares, are available to Rangers

The Order of the Bear trains their members in some of the most brutal conditions on Avara. In the frozen wastes where the Koshinari live, they are left to fend for themselves without food or shelter for a week. But the final ritual of their training is the most brutal of all, surviving a fight with a bear. They need to last only 60 seconds, but most do not make it at all. Those who do are scarred but gain their mark, sworls of brown and blue tattooed onto their arms, as well as a true appreciation for the ferocity and strength of their spirit animal.

Other Nations

Perkelan Raiders

Trait: +2 to Swim Checks and CMB in Grapple Maneuvers

An offshoot of early Koshinari, The Perkele live on the subcontinent of Pilkku along with their neighbors the Icelanders, who largely formed as a nation to protect themselves from Perkele raids! The Perkele do not keep only to their own continent however, and raids on nations on the continent of Verantia are commonplace.

Campero Duellist

Trait: +1 damage on any weapon employed with Weapon Finesse

The Camperi were largely isolated from the world until the arrival of Verantian Traders some 120 years ago. Although they have become a vital part of international trade since, trading in exotic spices and precious stones, their culture has not changed significantly, and one evidence of that is the duel. Illegal in Verantia, the Camperi duel over slights of honor, for the hand of beautiful women, and for anything else suitably dashing and completely foolish.

Fighters, Barbarians and Rogues

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