Faith of the Six

NOTE: There is no general trait for the Faith of the Six, most people adhere more strongly to one God/Goddess than the others.

The Faith of the Six (also the Way of the Six) is one of the oldest religions in Avara and was prevalent long before The Great Devastation. According to those who follow the Way, Parlivan, the God of Principle and Permanence, and Malliste. the Goddess of Mystery and Magic, were wed and Avara is the product of their love. Together, they represented the stable and unstable forces within civilization. Parlivan and Malliste oversaw Avara as equals, friends, companions. As it became apparent that the world was developing in areas outside of their domains, Malliste persuaded Parlivan to accept that expansion. Malliste went on to give birth to four deities. The first was Avani, the Goddess of Abundance and Abode. The second was Targonan, the God of Tenacity and Tribulation. The third was Svendil, the God of Sword and Sacrifice. Finally, she created Illahria, the Goddess of Innovation and Inspiration


Trait: +2 damage against Chaotic
Restriction: Only available to Lawfully-Aligned characters

Parlivan, father of all the gods and Avara itself, represents law and order, stability, and discipline. He was formed in order to represent civilization’s need for a sense of security. Parlivan is the foundation on which nations are build, and maintained. However, this makes Parlivan resistant to change. Traditions and older methods are always preferred by Parlivan and usually his followers as well.

Parlivan is often portrayed as a tall and broad man with a rough stone body. Depictions tend to involve Parlivan either seated on a simple stone throne while appearing to calmly judge that which is placed before him or standing tall with a mason’s hammer in one hand and a scroll with writing on it (a law, a map of the city, etc.) in the other. His expression is always stern, yet kind. He has tamed medium length brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard.


Trait: +1 spell slot of up to level 4
Restriction: Malliste is maligned by the world at large for her fall. Those who worship her openly can expect at BEST to be turned away from businesses and inns. At worst they may be run into jail or killed.

Malliste, mother of the world and the other gods, represents magic and mystery, exploration and learning. She was formed by the need to adapt to and create change in the world. She is always seeing what could be, and what might have been.

However, the Great Devastation is seen as the result of the Fall of Malliste. Jealous of her children and the power she had shared, she fed more and more magical energy into the realm of men, allowing the unchecked expansion of the mages of Weymount. At the height of the war, the moon Bogan was destroyed. Both Bogan and Ashla (the other moon) were symbols of Malliste’s power. The destruction was seen as a sign that Parlivan could no longer tolerate the abuses his wife was visiting upon their world.

Malliste, when she is depicted at all, is a pale woman with a wicked smile in a cloak made of shadows that bends with the light and makes her body appear it as though it is 2D. She carries an elaborate curved dagger in one hand and a pouch of spell components, bones, bat wings, eyeballs and other sinister looking items in the other hand.


Trait: Your character owns a home or other dwelling. It is simple, but paid in full, and as your character progresses, the property attached to it will become available for sale at a very reasonable price.

Avani is the first-born of Parlivan and Malliste, and is associated with hearth and home, a patron of families everywhere. Being the bigger sister, Avani takes care of her younger siblings, especially the brooding Svendil. She is calm and sensible. The people who take in strangers, who raises children, or care for elderly parents. She watches the healers, the farmers, the everyday man

Avani is tall, shapely, and draped in pale soft robes, she tends to wear a soft motherly smile and simple jewelry, she is usually seen holding a large jug (of milk, water, or wine) or large basket of assorted foods.



Trait: +5 to all saves vs. Fear, +2 to navigation

Targanon is the more cheerful of Maliste’s sons. He is responsible for adventurers, explorers, dungeoneers, and anyone else who enters the unknown. For a long time the Green Rangers have maintained a temple to him for protection on their long-ranging patrols. He’s a laid back, good humored fellow that, if he were hanging around a tavern, he’d be the one you want to strike up a conversation with because he’d make you feel immediately at ease and tell you tales of adventure

He’s a very jovial fellow, who looks like he’s weathered but has a face made for smiling. He is wrapped head to two in clothes, with scarves covering his face most of the time, he looks like well-traveled man, in one hand he carries some sort of container for drinking (a canteen or a mug) and on the other he carries a long weathered staff. He is the patron of travel, taverns, and such. He’s always ready for every occasion, he carries a pack that will generally contain whatever he may need for a journey.


Trait: Weapon Focus OR Weapon Finesse can apply to a class of weapons rather than a specific one

Svendil is the dour master of battle. He is perhaps closest of all Parlivan’s sons to humanity, for it is said he stays beside every soldier who has sacrificed his life for country. Regardless of this sorrowful demeanor, he was invoked for protection and victory by the Winslend and Mounstel both during the Great Devastation, and still is considered the patron of the Verantian Military.

He is normally portrayed as a tall, gaunt man in full plate armor, ornately embossed, a sword (a blazing sword in more wealthy temples) pointed out before him as though commanding a charge. Although his priests vehemently deny it, war widows and the grieving report seeing miraculous tears on his effigy.


Trait: +2 to Gather Information and any one crafting skill checks

Illahria is, true to little siblings, young and enthusiastic and filled with brilliant ideas. She tends to have a beaming smile and eyes that just DANCE with excitement to tell you of her new idea. As such she can get carried away, like the best of inventors, but always with good intentions. She is routinely invoked by scientists, scholars and students.

Illahria is portrayed generally a little shorter than her siblings, and very much a young woman, with a big smile and bright blue eyes. She carries sheets of paper in one hand and in the other a scale or occasionally a compass.

Faith of the Six

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