Unlike arcane magicians, druidic magic is not seen as contributing to the Great Devastation (and is readily apparent to even the untrained eye, as druidic magic is accompanied by a green visual effect). However, like other magical traditions, there is no school or training for Druidic talents in Verantia. All druids learn their skills in Koshinar, where Avara’s wild places are yet left untamed. Druids have a few different traditions you may choose to be part of. Non-druids please note that the following information is a druidic secret and would not be known to your character.

Children of the Mother and Children of the Father

After the Great Devastation, the remaining Druids, primarily members of Koshinari tribes, met at the Conclave to decide the future of their order. It was at this meeting that a schism occurred, when those we now call Children of the Mother insisted that the role of the Druid was to help all peoples, and to directly intervene to protect sapient life as well as nature. The Children of the Father, fearing that the next Great Devastation might emerge from their druidic abilities, instead argued that Druids should not interfere unless magical forces were at work against Nature. The two groups are cordial to one another, but see the other as hopelessly misguided.

The Fey

Even among Druids these potent natural warriors are wild things. They stand apart, living lies more closely linked to the land and their animal natures. Many spend most of their lives shifted into the form of their spirit animal, sometimes even forgetting the speech of man and becoming part of the natural world. Although lacking in formal doctrine, a few things define the Fey. One may become Fey only by invitation, and the initiation ritual is said to be grueling. Once initiated, no Fey can bear to spend the night within stone walls.


Children of the Mother: +1 spell damage when working with the party

Children of the Father: May counter any Arcane spell with any Druidic spell of the same level.

The Fey: On the day following any night spent in the wild (that is, outside any stone walls), gain one additional spell of up to level 4 OR double length of shapeshifting spells (choose only one at character generation).


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