Anselm McNamara

Character_sheet___Bhorl_by_TJverhagen.jpg Duke Anselm McNamara
Dwarvish Male

Duke McNamara met our heroes after they entered Parlivanstad, a town in his Duchy of Annebuch. At the time he was overseeing a load of precious stones shipping out with the next train. He opined that peace with the trolls was unlikely, and was quite hostile to them.

Dukes are allowed only a certain number of men-at-arms for their personal forces, but the central government in Aestrus would surely allow him to add the trolls to his retinue if it meant peacefully resolving the situation, so he assented to a potential deal.

The Anselm Family have long ruled in Annebuch. Even before the Great Devastation, his extended clan worked the mines beneath the East Nevias Mountains. The material wealth of the region has in turn enriched his clan, and although a fierce negotiator, the Duke has always responded to calls from the central government for aid and support.

Anselm McNamara

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