Physical description:
Lilia is human and looks somewhere between the ages of twelve and thirty-six. A quarter inch short of five feet tall and slim built, she may look easy to throw, but with her slender muscle and quick reflexes, she’s more likely to climb like a chimp up her attacker’s arm and put him or her into a nigh-unbreakable headlock until the attacker falls gently asleep.

Her features are small and clustered close together, as though her makers were trying to save room on her face for something else that they didn’t have time add. Since then, Lilia has taken to filling in the extra space by painting patterns of leaves down the side during her morning meditation ritual.

Lilia’s hair is tawny brown, thin, and looks like someone hacked a medium-length haircut with a knife (which is precisely what she did). She observes the world wide-eyed, her eyes the color of the ocean in midday sun. Her fingers look faintly stubby, but that makes them no less nimble for trap-building.

If you were looking for Lilia in the forest, you’d likely be out of luck. Her knee-length, tattered, brown coat with a texture like a sack of potatoes helps her blend in with tree trunks or dirt, and she sometimes adds some leaves or grass here and there to enhance this effect. When she intends to stay in a town, she half-heartedly removes some of the foliage, resulting in looking as though she recently took a long nap on the ground. She goes barefoot when possible, but can make a pair of leather shoes if need be.

Things other characters might know about Lilia…
• She’s the one who sometimes ends up wandering about looking as though she’d just taken a dive into a pile of leaves
• She’s sometimes seen on street corners doing cute little tricks like making leaves appear to fly into the air like birds
• She probably doesn’t belong here, and no one really knows where she came from.



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